Opinion: US flag portrays disunity

Opinion: US flag portrays disunity

Dear Editor,

The United States of America (USA) will be celebrating its Independence Day on July 4, 2020. Every independent nation has its own national symbols to reflect the nature of that country and its identity.

Ironically, the United States of America which should have had a national flag portraying UNITY and ONENESS has as many as sixty four (64) SEPARATED features on their flag. That does not show UNITY but DISUNITY.

The entire present design of the US flag which has existed since the year 1777, therefore, leaves much to be desired because it had  incredibly been changed for about 28 times.

I have a few observations about the US flag which could be reviewed and considered.

  1. The 50 tiny and very difficult to arrange stars with blue background representing each state is squeezed on the quarter corned space of the flag.
  2. The 13 red and white stripes also representing the original 13 states have unequal horizontal lines even though all those states are equally revered.
  3. The fragile-looking 50 white stars will again be increased in number whenever new states are created. HOW? Is that not inconsistent?
  4. The flag shows the original 13 states by space which are more important than the present 50 states which still included the favoured 13 states, etc. That sounds complex.

Though, I am not an American but a Ghanaian, we live in A GLOBAL VILLAGE where SIMPLICITY  is the order of the time, so I am humbly appealing to the US authorities in Ghana or elsewhere through this medium to consider my meticulous observations to aptly redesign the US  flag to suit the now simplified world.

I think my proposed US flag with a few features not numbering up to 10 would be up to that task to let the flag portray UNITY.

Conclusively, in my view, the best designed flag in the world is the ever-conspicuous and outstanding Japanese flag which has only two very glaring features and looks the same anyhow one turns that flag around. That is beautiful and wonderful.

United States of America (USA) over to you. IN GOD WE TRUST.

John B.K. Amoah


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