Patriotism doesn’t go out of fashion – Emelia Arthur

Patriotism doesn’t go out of fashion – Emelia Arthur

Made-In-Ghana Campaign Ambassador, singer and television show host,  Ms Emelia Arthur, has said that patriotism never goes out of fashion and that’s a certainty every Ghanaian must keep in mind as Ghana Month is widely marked in March.

In a statement to remind all to regard patronage of Ghanaian goods and services as an act of patriotism, Ms Arthur pointed out that people may decide to express love for their country in many different ways but deliberately go in for stuff made or served by our people is indicative of national loyalty.

Ms Arthur observed that national pride is tied to the level of support we offer to various spheres of production, which also impact the standard of living and general welfare of citizens.  To bypass what is good and made by ourselves for what comes from elsewhere is, therefore, a miscalculation of loyalty.

According to her, there are adequate substitutes for many of the things we import. She pointed out that it was time for all to patronise what is produced here for the countless benefits we stand to gain from such a move.

“Loving one’s country should be an everyday affair. It cannot be expressed in only one particular month in a year. So Ghana Month to me, is just symbolic of the national identity we want for ourselves and how that in turn helps bolster our efforts in other areas,” she said.

Being closely connected with food through her television show and her desire to see more Ghanaians go in for local produce, she last December organised a Made-In-Ghana dinner in Accra which went down well with guests. Items on the menu included appraisal with crabs, various rice dishes, ampisi,  gari foto and other delicious delicacies.

The Made-In-Ghana Campaign Ambassador noted that apart from our food and clothing items which must always be patronised,  there is a vast array of other things such as beaded jewellery and other fashion accessories, furniture, woven baskets and toiletries which are of excellent quality and which we must buy regularly to demonstrate patriotism.

Ms Arthur host of the cooking programme on Homebase TV won the Culinary/Cooking Programme of the Year trophy at the Adonko 2022 RTP Awards.

Ghana  Month is a  campaign in March to coincide with the nation’s  Independence celebrations. 

The aim is mainly to promote the country’s local products and services and also to recognise its rich cultural heritage.

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