Pedestrians violate road safety rules in Tamale

Pedestrians along the Tama­le-Bolgatanga interchange are persistently violating road safety regulations, despite several interventions by the Urban Road and Road Safety Authority.

Following the March 2022 inau­guration of the interchange, the Road Safety Authority and the Urban Roads Department identified wrongful crossing points of the road by some pedestrian near the inter­change, prompting the installation of a concrete barricade.

But The Ghanaian Times’ has observed that the measure has not curbed the menace.

In interviews, some of the pe­destrians cited the distance to the nearest crossing point as a reason for disregarding the barricade.

Some of them conveyed a lack of awareness regarding the signif­icance or intended purpose of the barricade.

Nevertheless, they acknowledged the danger of crossing to the oppo­site side due to the potential risk of collisions with vehicles using the interchange.

The Northern Regional Director of the Department of Urban Roads, Ing. Kwasi A. Darku, in an interview with The Spectator, said the instal­ment of the barricade was mainly to stop motorists and pedestrians from using the authorised ways, but they are still ignoring it.

He said several pedestrians have been knocked down by cars lead­ing to death, but people were still ignoring the danger.

“We have provided appropriate route for pedestrians to use, but they still refuse to cross the busy high way,” he said.

Ing. Darku appealed to the Metro­politan Assembly and other author­ities in charge to initiate an aware­ness campaign to educate road users on road regulations to protect themselves from crashes.

The Northern Regional Director of the National Road Safety Authority, Alhaji Abdulai Bawa Ghamsah, also said, the authority after several reports initiated the use of the con­crete barricade.

The Director of the Road Safety Authority also said, the department is leading a road safety campaign dubbed “Stay Alive!”

He stated that the department would intensify educational cam­paigns and engage stakeholders concerning road safety.

 From Geoffrey Butah & Paul Mwapouri, Tamale

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