Pet snake attacks owner as she removes it from cage

There is a lot of variety in what animals we keep as pets. Some people prefer dogs, others prefer cats, while others prefer reptiles like snakes. In a video going viral on the internet, a snake owner got bitten by her pet as she tried to take it out of the cage.

In the video, a woman was seen trying to remove the lid of the cage as the reptile hissed at her. Within a few seconds, the snake bit her hand and tried to completely wrap itself around the woman’s shoulder.

The woman tried to put the snake back into the lid but to no avail. Another man jumped to the rescue to help her but the giant reptile continued to hug the woman’s hand. Before the man tried to get a snake hook to remove the reptile, the woman had started bleeding heavily.

Many internet users questioned the idea of keeping snakes as a pet. A user wrote: They have no loyalty to you; you people are going to learn one day to stop making predators pets.” —

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