Place value on your brand- MaxPraize advises gospel musicians

Place value on your brand- MaxPraize advises gospel musicians

Ghanaian contemporary gospel artiste, MaxPraize has advised colleague gospel artistes to place some value on their brands in their dealings with the church.

According to him, building a solid brand with some value on the craft prevent a gospel artiste from being taken for granted by the church and any other organisation which engages their services.

He added that it would help curb the numerous unfortunate stories about how the church and others treated artistes after performing.

Speaking to The Spectator in an interview, MaxPraize said “When one invests, adds a touch and class to his or her talent, it attracts some level of respect and prevents poor treatment from people.

“You will be bought the way you sell yourself, in this industry people put value on brands a lot, so add knowledge and excellence to your talent,” he said.

He said that a better pre-arrangement was very important for every artiste, because it “spells out one’s worth and contributes to what an artiste receives after performing at a programme.”

According to him, an artistes should not fail to make a prior arrangement with a church, upon an invitation about his demands for a gig, and later blame the church for the low or no remuneration.

This notwithstanding, he acknowledged the contribution of the church in the building of artiste from the scratch but urged some of them to improve the treatment they gave to musicians after ministration.

Max Praize is set to release two new single, christened, “Spirit Life and Emmanuel.”

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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