Police visibility will ensure smooth holidays

Police visibility will ensure smooth holidays
  • Ghana Police ensuring free flowof traffic during the festive season

Dear Editor,

As Christmas approaches, Ghanaians are actively en­gaged in preparations to make the season memorable.

The spirited hustle and bustle of individuals traversing the nation to reunite with fam­ily members demonstrate the significance placed on family ties during this time.

A commendable aspect of this festive fervor is the exem­plary performance of the Gha­na Police Service (GPS) Their dedicated presence, evident along the roads frequented by travellers, deserves recogni­tion.

This proactive stance has not only contributed to a smooth flow of traffic but has also played a pivotal role in fostering an atmosphere of peace across the country.

The commitment and availability of the police force during this season have not gone unnoticed.

Their efforts have translated into tangible benefits for the public, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience and, by ex­tension, promoting the overall tranquility of the nation.

In acknowledging the com­mendable work of the GPS, it is crucial to highlight the positive impact their vigilance has had on creating a conducive envi­ronment for citizens to cele­brate the holiday season safely and joyfully.

Noel Nii Ankrah

Kokomlemle – Accra

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