Practices and principles of a healthy relationship

Practices and principles of a healthy relationship

If there is anything that everyone is looking forward to, it is building a healthy relationship. It gives an overall joy and fulfilment, but it comes with its own pack of challenges. 

A healthy relationship takes a lot of work to maintain but it can be easily achieved if partners are committed to each other. Here are some simple yet efficient ways to build a healthy relationship.


Be appreciative. As simple as this may sound, so many couples have neglected this simple act.  It is important to show appreciation for every little gesture or effort from your spouse. Do not say “it does not matter”. Be grateful in both words and actions.  A little “thank you” can perform great magic.


Trust is the backbone of every healthy relationship. It is one of the keys to a happy home, and it helps you to believe and understand your partner. A relationship that lacks trust is bound to crash eventually. Without trust, your relationship is sitting on a time bomb, ready to explode at any time.


Compliments help in building a good relationship. It makes your partner relaxed and comfortable with you. A compliment builds the confidence of your partner. Learn how to compliment your spouse; compliment her new hairdo, her intelligence, skills, beauty, dressing, and her entire body.

Compliment your man as well. There is no joy more than knowing that your partner still finds you attractive.

Respect each other

A healthy relationship requires respect—the uttermost respect. There is a saying that “love is respect”. Respect your partner’s personality, space, opinion, style, and everything. This is an easy way to build a healthy relationship.

Keep good company

Surround yourself with the right people, people who genuinely care about you and your relationship. Stay away from negative people and toxic friends; they are capable of destroying your happiness. Some people are experts in unsolicited advice; discard immediately.

Personal space

Sometimes all you need is some time alone. To build a healthy relationship, you need some time for yourself. Living with someone for a long time could kill the spark or destroy the sweetness of your relationship. Take some time to be alone just for a while. Create your own space.

Happy hour

Have fun together. This is a great way of building a healthy relationship; it strengthens your bond. Couples who enjoy a particular hobby together are more likely to have a beautiful relationship.  It builds your communication level as well as improves your intimacy.

Adequate attention

It is essential for you to learn how to give your partner your undivided attention. This is simple yet difficult. As simple as it seems, many people do not have time to listen to their partners. They are always busy with work and other activities.

Avoid abuse

Abuse is the number one enemy of a healthy relationship. Stay away from abuse whether physical or verbal abuse. It can be mental, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse. Stay away from all. Keep your relationship clean.

Open communication

Adequate communication is a pathway to a healthy relationship. Be free to talk about anything and everything. You can settle all other factors affecting your relationship just by having an open communication style.

Remember, it is much easier to avoid a broken relationship than to amend it. Start now to practice these simple ways of building a healthy relationship.

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