Price hikes during festive season

Price hikes during festive season

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Some traders at the Mako­la market in Accra have bemoaned the continuous increase of prices of goods at the market.

According to them, the current hikes in prices have dwindled their sales, as customers are not able to purchase their wares.

Price increase during the yule­tide has been going on for a long time, however, this year’s in­crease is nothing compared with previous years.

“Since the prices started going up all my customers complain my items are expensive when I tell them the price, so they leave to find a less expensive one which I doubt they get, and end up going home.” Auntie Mary, one of the traders told The Spectator.

Comparing market of this year with last year’s, others said last year was not as bad as this year because, they were able to sell their goods to their satisfaction and got enough money to fend for their families.

While others complain of how slow the market is, traders who sell Christmas decorations also hope that though times are hard the market will boom by next week ,since people will deco­rate their homes in this festive occasion.

“Times are hard, but I know it will not stop people from celebrating Christmas and by next week I know my goods will finish.” a trader said.

Though traders complain of slow market, buyers fill the market every now and then to find out the prices of goods before the usual festive season price increase starts.

Miss Janet said, “I came here to buy goods before the prices are increased but I exceeded my budget and could not even get some items because the money I brought is not enough. Christmas prices will be very high this year from the look of things.”

“The reason market is not going on well is because the prices have been increased and custom­ers leave without purchasing the products”, Auntie Akos said.

Another trader said, “Items that were sold at GH60.00 have been increased to GH120.00 which is twice the price and my customers cannot buy.”

“No one is buying my items and the task forces are also telling me to leave where I sell my items. If I leave I will not be able to take care of my family” Mrs. Armah also lamented.

They, therefore, plead with the government to provide a place for them to sell their items in other to take care of their families.

 By George Osei & Josephine Nyorkor Ntreh & Serwaa Bonsu

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