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This is just a picture of what happens to the whole body when we fail to get proper exercise. Each part suffers and in turn the whole body suffers.

Some people work at sedentary occupations. Even though they are brain tired at the end of the day from standing or sitting for hours in heavy concentration, they need to exercise physically and breathe fresh air deeply.

It would be well for these people to enjoy some late afternoon or early evening sunshine and exercise in the garden, cycling or brisk walking.

When oxygen is lacking in the body, the blood moves sluggishly and the waste, poisonous matter that should be eliminated, is held in the body and the blood becomes impure. Exercise improves the blood circulation and helps cleanse the blood. Good health depends on good circulation.

Proper exercise gives life to the whole body. It gives strength to the digestive organs, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the heart.

Exercise is excellent recreation not only for the body but also for the mind. It brings relief to the weary brain, helping us to think more clearly and to feel more cheerful. The whole body becomes more resistant to disease.

It is not wise to exercise too vigorously, especially after eating a larger meal. The blood is then needed in the stomach to break down the food and is not as available for the other strenuous exercise.

Exercise, like all other daily activities must be done with care, thoughtfulness and common sense. Let us begin to take some steps and make a decision to get some exercise today and every day from here on.


1.  Prevention of heart disease.

2.  Prevention of and treatment of obesity.

3.  Lower blood pressure.

4.  Increase circulation and oxygen intake.

5.  Increase self-worth.

6.  Improved sleep.

7.  Lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

8.  Decrease in anxiety and relief of depression.

9.  Elevation in mood and vigor.

10.  Stronger heart beat and lowering resting heart rate.

11.  Increase fitness level.

12.  Aid in stress control.


Water is very important to this world. About three-quarters of the earth is made up of water.  Most of it is salt water, but the sun has the ability to change salt water into fresh water.

Just to basically explain it, the heat from the sun picks up small drops of water from the sea and takes them up to make clouds but it leaves the salt behind.

As the clouds gather more and more moisture, the drops get heavier and heavier until they become heavier than air and fall as rain on the earth.

Also springs of fresh water bubble up from under the earth. Often big rivers start from snow and springs in the mountains.

As they trickle down to the lower areas, water from the rain and thawing snow join the streams and together they tumble downward. As different creeks join the flow, they become rivers and soon the rivers flow into the mighty ocean – to repeat the ongoing, never-ending cycle.

Water is a very important part of our lives, both inside and outside the body. We need to drink six to eight good-sized glasses of clean water each day.  A good health habit to develop, is to drink two to three glasses of warm water when you get out of bed. This helps to flush out the stomach and digestive tract.

It is best not to drink after 20 minutes before eating food. This way the water does not dilute the acid juices which break down the food when it comes into the stomach at meal time.

For this reason, it is best not to drink with any meal. It can cause the food to stay in the stomach longer than needed and it starts to ferment and build up bad gases.

The blood needs a good supply of clean water as well. Water helps blood to flow around our blood system, to keep our body running well. If we could follow our blood into all the hidden recesses of our body, we would find that it picks up poisons and waste matter on its travels.

Water is essential for the function of the kidneys as they continuously filter the blood.

The kidneys’ work is made more efficient if we drink plenty of clean water. The body will keep healthier. Also, if we have trouble with passing solid wastes (constipation), this can often be relieved by drinking a good supply of warm water.

It is essential to drink plenty of water when we are sick. It helps to pave the way for a quicker recovery. People suffering from colds, fever, infections and viruses will be greatly helped if they increase their water intake.

On the outside, we must not forget that our skin is another very important organ that eliminates body wastes. A bath or shower every day cleans the skin of germs and impurities, helping all the organs inside the body do their work.

All our clothes and bedding should be washed in clean water to keep them fresh and clean as well. Water on the inside and the outside assists nature to keep out diseases.

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