Prioritise needs of parents over girlfriends – Catholic Priest

A visiting Priest at the St. Augustine Catholic Church in the Ashaiman Municipal­ity, Rev­erend Father Marcel Danyo has ad­vised young men in love not to prioritise the needs of their partners in romantic rela­tionships over that of their parents.

This has been the case for a number of young people who later regret their actions.

Rev. Fr. Danyo observed that it was an un­fortunate trend that some men were will­ing to go to any lengths to satis­fy their fian­cées de­mands, but were ready to make up an excuse to appease their when it came meeting their basic necessities, such as paying for hospital bills or for medication.

Delivering his sermon on the Third Sunday of Lent Year B, he said taking care of one’s wife-to-be was not wrong but where the wants for material things were prioritised over things that were emergencies, was an issue which demanded a conscious effort to deal with.

He said some young men were quick to tell their mothers or fa­thers they were in financial difficul­ties and so could not help them but would quickly give it to their girl­friends without a second thought.

“Some of the boyfriends, even if they don’t have, would quickly go and borrow for their girlfriends but will tell their mothers stories, “ he said.

Rev FrDanyo said it was better to do things for parents while they were alive and not wait until they were dead to organize big funerals to honour them.

He said parents must be made to feel loved while they were alive so that they could also have the oppor­tunity to bless their children).

He said it was important to make parents feel loved so that when they were no more, they would be happy and commend themselves for doing what was right.

He said it should not be the op­posite where a man cried over the death of his parent because he did not take good care of them.

The visiting priest also advised the youth to be compassionate to­wards anyone they came across.

“Don’t be selective with people. See Christ in everyone,” he urged.

He said in the period of Lent and even beyond, everyone should go a step further to be generous to all they encounter or ask for assis­tance.

He stressed the need for all per­sons to be humble and not feel too powerful because they have money or positions, such that they treat all others with disrespect.

 From DzifaTettehTay, Ashaiman

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