‘Punish indiscipline, reward goodness

‘Punish indiscipline, reward goodness

Rev Dr Ato Bentil

The Senior Pastor of Liberty Center Assemblies of God, Rev Dr Sam Ato Bentil, has called on parents to take authority over their children.

According to Rev Dr Bentil, the world was changing to a point that parents and teachers were being told to allow the children to make their own decisions.

He made these remarks during a sermon on Sunday.

He stated that, in certain parts of the world, children were not allowed to be ‘disciplined’ and any parent or guardian who did other­wise would be in trouble.

Rev Dr Bentil said this was alien in our society world but currently “it seems this is coming to our part of the world.”

“Today parents invade a school to confront the teacher when their children are beaten by teachers. As a result, when the child is wrong, parents do not know how to correct them,” he stated.

Rev Bentil stated that parents had the authority to determine what was right and wrong for their chil­dren and that, such mandate was from God, saying, “it is God that sets the standard not the world.”

He explained that parents had the authority to punish children when they go wrong and reward good­ness, adding that, “this should be the lot of every Christian parent; you have authority over your own children, to command, lead, guide and guard them.”

He therefore called on parents to teach their children how to respect the elderly, saying that “everything that goes on in our homes must be under our command; we determine what goes on in the home because it shows our leadership.”

 By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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