Relationship mistakes which often lead to break-ups

Relationship mistakes which often lead to break-ups

1. Being excessively jealous

Being a little jealous is okay, it’s okay to be jealous because to some, being jealous proves their love, but when it’s in excess it becomes annoying because too much of a thing is bad. Don’t be overly jealous or insecure. It will make your partner think you don’t trust him or her.

It will always cause arguments and in some cases the arguments don’t end well, so don’t kill your relationship with jealousy, because no one enjoys being accused. Give your partner some space.

Allow him or her to hang out with friends, and enjoy his or her hobby. Don’t tie him down all in the name of relationship.

2. Expecting him or her to always read your mind

Women are said to be more sensitive, therefore, they often expect men to have that same level of sensitivity. It is good for a man to understand a woman’s need sometimes, but it is not all men that have the ability. If you want to be cuddled or massaged at a particular moment, don’t magically expect your partner to know. Your partner may be there physically but may not be able to notice or read your mind at the moment. Therefore, always communicate your likes and preferences.

3. Involving a third party

Involving third party is totally not necessary, be it your best friend or even your mum, try to keep your relationship issues or problems as personal as possible. Even when you feel the need to vent out a problem about the relationship, don’t involve a third party. Instead of making things better, a third party may end up messing it up by causing you to follow a wrong relationship advice.

4. Trying to change him or her

Sometimes you may spot a flaw in your partner but you still continue the relationship anyway because you think he or she may change. It is good to try changing your partner but there are things that cannot change. For instance, you may want to change his or her love for movies to reading but it may never work. Sometimes you need to enjoy your own hobbies and allow your partners to also enjoy theirs too.

5. Not taking good care of yourself

When relationships are at their peak some partners become complacent. They feel there is no need to shave, maintain good body stature, or wear nice and attractive outfits, like they used to do at the beginning of the relationship. Some men and women argue that “my partner must love me at my worst.” That is not entirely true. It is important to continue to groom yourself appropriately, irrespective of what stage the relationship has reached. Partners must continue to take very good care of themselves and keep their things attractive and refreshing at all times.

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