Relationship tips …advice for single men

 Finding the person you want to spend forever with is never easy, but with these tips, you will be on the road to finding your soulmate.

1. Work on Yourself First

No matter how amazing we might be, there is surely some bag­gage. Could be hang-ups from past relationships gone awry. Or person­al goals that have been neglected that hang over your heads.

Regardless, being the best ver­sion of yourself will make it easier to find the one you have been looking for, and you will be better mentally and emotionally prepared to accept them when you do.

2. Do not let history repeat itself

There is probably a reason your other relationships have not worked out, and it can be hard to sit and reflect on this kind of stuff. But figuring out where you have gone wrong in the past — wheth­er it is picking the wrong person or the way you approached the relationship — will make it easier to make better decisions going forward so you do not ruin a good thing.

3. Make a List or Two

Take some time to think about what you want your life to look like and what you want from a partner. Figuring out the things that are truly important to you will help you weed out people who just will not fit with the picture you want to paint. It is a good idea to consider potential deal-breakers as well.

4. Be Flexible

…nothing is written in stone. Even if you have your lists, things change. And when you meet the right person, sometimes what seemed like a deal-breaker before may not bother you at all now. Be respectful of the fact that your needs and desires might change. It’s important to have a good idea of what you’re looking for before putting yourself out there, of course, but being willing to go with the flow is equally as important.

5. Be Honest From the Begin­ning

If there is one thing that will sink your happily-ever-after before it even begins, it’s getting off on the wrong foot by being dishonest.

Whether you are discussing your past, present, or future, telling the truth will show you who is interest­ed in the real you. Plus, imagine the consequences if you actually do get serious with this person. How would you explain your way out of an epic lie? (“What? You are not a marine biologist?)

6. Communication Is Key

Communication is one of the most important parts of a success­ful relationship — and also one of the most challenging. Maintaining clarity and honesty from the begin­ning will make both of your lives and your future relationship easier, trust us. When you are looking to settle down, especially when kids will be involved, being open, honest, and clear with each other is essential.


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