Relocate refuse dump near Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

 Dear Editor,

The refuse dump near the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has caught my attention on numerous occasions, and I find its proximity to the hospi­tal disturbing.

It seems strange for such a sizable medical facili­ty to be in close proximity to a refuse dump.

It is concerning because such dumps can lead to soil and water pollution, alter vegetation patterns, and contribute to land degradation, among other issues.

I am writing to implore the relevant authorities to take action on this matter. Steps must be taken to address the situation, possibly by relocating the dump to a more suitable location.

The current placement of the refuse dump poses significant risks to the health of both patients at the hospital and nearby residents.

Given the potential consequences of allowing the dump to remain at its current location, it is crucial that swift and decisive action be taken. Protecting public health should be a top priority, and addressing the issue of the refuse dump is an essential component of ensuring the well-being of the community.

I urge the authorities to seriously consider the concerns raised about the refuse dump and take appropriate action to mitigate the risks it poses.

Mary Konadu


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