Reunion ‘kiss’ between dog and dolphin

Gunner the dog and Delta the dolphin have been friends for years.

Is there anything – anything – cuter than inter-species friendships? If you think the answer is yes, these photos of Gunner the dog reuniting with his best friend, Delta the dolphin, will change your mind. Over the last few days, social media users have been gushing over pictures of Gunner and Delta that have gone insanely viral everywhere – from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram. Their crazy popularity is not without reason either, because who doesn’t love a good friendship story? Especially, one that involves two of the most adored animals on the Internet. 

Gunner and Delta’s ‘aww-dorable’ friendship began when the dog was just an eight-week-old puppy. At that time, Delta the dolphin was four-years-old. 

The two met at the Dolphin Research Centre in Florida Keys, which is a non-profit organisation home to a family of dolphins and sea lions. Gunner, who belongs to one of the organisation’s employees, was photographed meeting Delta six years ago, when the dolphin poked its head out of water to greet the pooch. 

Almost a week ago, the two were filmed reuniting in photos that were sure to brighten your day. In the pictures, which have created a huge splash on social media with millions of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media, Gunner the goldie was seen happily licking its water buddy.

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