Reversing stress …the role of Emotional Surgery

 It is however, the slow de­cline in hormones and the regularity of arousals that appear to constantly mount a heightened agitation that leads to long-term symptoms of headaches, poor sleep, poor appetite, nervous dis­position, fatigue, confusion and inability to take deci­sions.

It may affect personal appearance, mood swings and lead to dependence on food, alcohol, tobacco and drugs and also affect one’s sex life.

There must be a master­ful way to overcome stress and all its associated conse­quences on the body.

Many ways have been proposed including relax­ation, long walks and regular exercises, listening to good music, reading a good book, watching a good film, com­edy, meditation, reducing work load and creating time with friends as a support network.

Other ways also include understanding the body and how it deals with emotions and influencing it to make it beneficial such as a posi­tive attitude and optimistic outlook.


The ability to understand, appreciate and control one’s emotions and also recog­nise and value the emotions of others is what has been described as Emotional In­telligence and has spawned a whole industry of books, videos and workshops.

It is about knowing one­self very well, critically as­sessing self and boosting the individual’s self confidence in conjunction with being socially aware, being able to accurately assess people’s emotions, understanding what is going on within them, creating opportuni­ties to know and developing others and the culture of mutual harmony.

Anyone who is described as emotionally intelligent knows how to live in his environment and create a harmonious relationship with many if not all people. Such persons are not easily dis­tracted and stressed out but maintain a level of control of themselves and faculties.

It is the reason why they do better in life because they not only present a calm exterior but have an assur­ance within themselves as well.

This is a type of intelli­gence that many must learn to keep them cool and calm and not be easily affected by what goes on.

It is particularly import­

 ant for those who create internal stress and worry about things outside their control. A suggestion to inculcate the principles into high school teaching must be adopted.

…to be continued

By Robert Ekow Grimmond-Thompson

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