Robbers kill guard at Suhum fuel station

Robbers kill guard at Suhum fuel station

In a devastating turn of events, a security guard named Kwasi Agbeti, affectionately known as “Killer,” was fatally shot during a robbery at a Total fuel station in Suhum, Eastern region.

The heart-wrenching incident took place on Monday, October 30, around 6:43 p.m.

Sources say five armed robbers, who approached the station on foot, launched the attack. They stormed the station’s mart, where they encountered Agbeti.

The assailants assaulted the now deceased with sticks, and when he attempted to seek refuge away from the mart, they fired at him from close-range.

The robbery escalated as the supervisor of the fuel station was shot in his office. The criminals made away with an undisclosed sum of money. Additionally, they targeted a tanker driver who had just arrived to off-load fuel, taking his mobile phone and GH¢1,000.

The late Agbeti was swiftly transported to the hospital in a customer’s vehicle, but, tragically, he succumbed to his injuries upon arrival.

The supervisor also received medical care at the Eastern Regional Hospital.

This incident marks the third robbery in the Suhum area within a span of two weeks. Police and National Investigation Bureau personnel are on-site, launching a thorough investigation into the crime.

The family of the deceased is calling on the Inspector General of Police to ensure that justice is served for their loved one.

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