Secrets to create meaningful relationships Know yourself to know others

Secrets to create meaningful relationships Know yourself to know others

When you learn to dig deep within yourself, you begin to learn about others more. The more you allow people to connect with you; you’d get to know them better in return. You’d know how to reach the very depth of people.

You alone are responsible for your feelings.

Don’t give people the power to control your mind or heart. You’re personal and perfectly capable of deciding how you feel about specific circumstances or people. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Be yourself, at all costs.

If someone doesn’t like you, it’s not your responsibility to change their opinion. You shouldn’t have to please anyone. Don’t change yourself to gain acceptance. Be proud of who you’re. You’re one of a kind. And if people can’t accept you for who you’re, you don’t need to keep them around.

Despite all the differences, people are essentially the same

Sure everyone you meet will be a little different from you, but what is life without a bit of colour. At the same time, you’d have at least a few things in common with the people you meet. Our similarities can link us and be the foundation of something unique.

No expectations, no disappointments

Not everyone has the same heart as yours. Not everyone is going to treat you the way you treat them. Don’t set any expectations from anyone; you might end up hurt. So spare yourself the pain, but be the best you can be. And let people surprise you. And if you meet someone who isn’t precisely lovely every once in a while, this habit of yours wouldn’t allow you to be affected much by them.

Listen to them attentively!

If someone’s sitting before you talking about something, listen to them intently, even if it doesn’t seem essential to you. It’s critical enough for them to speak to you about it, and you should respect that. Moreover, they’re talking to you about it because they expect you to listen and understand, don’t let them down. Even if the subject of the conversation doesn’t matter, the person talking matters, all the same; don’t be disrespectful.

Love yourself more, to be loved more

The more you love yourself, you’ll attract people who’d be capable of loving you with the same intensity. You’re showing people what you want and how you deserve to be treated. It works as a filter; only the people who’re willing to live up to those standards will dare reach out to you.

Don’t let the fear of getting hurt turn into the fear of falling in love

Please don’t play it safe; you’re never going to have a chance of finding what you’re looking for. Feelings are reciprocated. Love with all your heart, to be loved the same way. When it isn’t returned, it does hurt with the same intensity, but it teaches you how to cope with heartbreak all the same.

Love unconditionally

You are only responsible for what you do and how you feel. Love without any expectations of it being returned. You get back what you put out. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt.

Stop chasing people or things. What’s meant for you will find you

Focus on being the kind of person you’d want in your life. Don’t run after the things or people you think might be right for you. The right people and circumstances will find you when the time is right. Be the right person, and the right things will come to you.

To be continued.

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