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Dear ObaaYaa,
My brother is a quiet person who is very sympathetic and loves people. He is in a relationship with a lady for about three years and they have planned to marry this year.
Unfortunately, a friend who lives in the same community with this lady recently hinted me that my brother should be careful with her because she is in a serious relationship with another lover in her area.
This information has really surprised me and considering the love between my brother and this lady, and how far they have gone with their marriage preparations, l don’t know how he will receive the news.
Should l disclose this secret to incur the displeasure of my brother orshould l say it no matter the consequences?
Paulina, Accra.

Dear Paulina,
This is a dicey issue which must be treated with the utmost care that it deserves.
Since the two lovers are going to seal their relationship with a wedding, the right thing must be done in order not to incur the displeasure of an innocent party. Your brother will not forgive you if he gets to know after their wedding that you had information about the wife but refused to inform him.
Will you be happy if your brother father’s somebody’s child that will result in a ridicule?
Therefore, do the right thing at the appropriate time.

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