She is unwilling to break up with me  

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 35 years old married man with two children, but two years ago, I befriended a 25-year-old lady.

Before we started our friendship, I explained to her that I was married but she said she was not bothered.

She is very kind, open-minded and possesses the quality every man would look for in a lady.

Our relationship has developed to the extent that she feels lonely and uneasy if she does not see me after a couple of days.

When I suggested to her recently that we should end our relationship because I have discovered that I was wasting her time, she burst in uncon­trollable tears.

According to her, she cannot stay without me and that she loves me because of the way I treat her, adding that she always feels comfortable in my arms. She has threatened that if I press further to leave her she would take her life.

Unfortunately, I am not financially sound to cater for two wives.

Please what step should I take?

Kwame, Accra.

Dear Kwame,

Sometimes people find it extremely difficult to comprehend issues pertain­ing to love.

You are frank in putting across your problem for a solution which needs a gradual approach in dealing with it. Since the lady has threatened to take her life, you must treat this informa­tion with great caution and the seri­ousness that it deserves.

Constant dialogue and the desire to calm down tempers will gradually solve the problem and she will take her mind off you.

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