She must leave my house

Dear Obaa Yaa,

Having prayed seven years for the gift of the womb, l was blessed with a bouncy baby boy. This has brought about the need to arrange for a babysitter to step in when my maternity leave expires after three months.

Very helpful as she has always been, my mother arranged for a lady who has started work with zeal.

I was really impressed with the performance of this lady, and thought she was the type who l could confidently hand over my house schedules to and be rest assured that everything would be done according to my desire.

The sort of love that has developed between this lady and my first child is quite pleasing and attracts the attention of all visitors to the house.

Pleased with the performance of this lady, l once mentioned to my husband that it would be ideal if we arranged for an entrepreneurial skill training in addition to the monthly allowance we pay her.

This is to serve as a way of compensation for the invaluable services she has been rendering ever since she stepped foot in our house.

Unfortunately, reports from different sources had revealed that this lady was secretly comforting my husband in bed.

Without trying to verify the authenticity of these gossips, l am inclined to believe them because of my husband’s sudden change in character towards this lady.

My husband used to complain bitterly about all that this girl did, but he surprisingly sees no fault in this girl any longer.

What should l do to save my marriage?

Cynthia, Accra.

Dear Cynthia,

This is a dicey issue which must be carefully weighed and the possible options considered before you make a formal allegation.

You should imagine how embarrassing you will feel if this allegation turns out to be unfounded.On the contrary, you may end up worsening an already suspicious atmosphere in the house.

Any rational person with a good conscience will definitely feel uneasy when such matters are being alluded to in a conversation.

This is an opportunity for you to test their bodylanguage at different times to know their reactions.  This will give you a clear picture of what is at stake, together with any further investigations you may decide to undertake.

Having done your underground checks, the next step for you to take is to expel your babysitter. Though it will be a difficult decision in view of the invaluable services that she has been rendering, you have to do it in order to save your marriage.

Know that it is not all men who have the ability to keep the marital bed intact.

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