Should I cancel the arrangement?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I met a young lady on Facebook recently. We exchanged contact and started dating. I have introduced her to my parents and have planned meeting her parents as well so we can make the necessary marriage arrangements.

We were having an online conversation about a week ago and I told her I needed to catch up with some business appointment so I would connect with her later.  I tried reaching her later but I realised my number had been blocked.

She unblocked me subsequently and sent a long voice note that she was not interested in the marriage arrangements. She is a good woman with a good heart and I really love her. Should I tell my family what has happened so

Nana Kwame

Dear Nana Kwame,

Telling her you were going offline to attend a business meeting should not have incurred her ‘wrath’. There may be some other underlining factors why your girlfriend reacted the way she did. Try talking to her and resolve any issues there maybe. But if there is no problem at all and your girlfriend has only decided to be that rude towards you, then she may not be ready for marriage. Your family would understand when you decide not to go ahead with the marriage arrangement. If all avenues to get her back fail, letting her go could be the better option.

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