Should I take this initiative?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

Life they say is full of uncertainties and one may not know where his or her help may come from that is the ultimate goal of why people befriend others. I hope Obaa Yaa helps me in terms of my decisions about relationship issues. I am currently a lost ball in the weeds and do not know what to do at the moment.

There is this girl I have befriended for months now and gradually I am head over heels for her but I do not know how to go about it nor do I want to upset my applecart. Should I go ahead and articulate my thoughts to her or we should be just friends because I am of the view that she may even end up befriending me should I let her know my thoughts, what should I do?

Yaw Baah, Koforidua, Eastern Region.

Dear Yaw

I am delighted that you reached out to Obaa Yaa with your problems. Hon­estly I understand how you feel, but my advice is that you are tactful in handling this issue. Every good love story has a unique start and while you do not want to stall your friendship with the lady by asking her out now, waiting too long to express your feelings to her too may be late. If you’ve built a good friendship and she seems ready for a quality relationship, express your love for her, for all you know she may be interest­ed!

Good luck and if she accepts, kindly make her happy.

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