Should l accept his proposal?

We have been good friends from primary school through to the tertiary and a lot of friends predict that we are good couples in the making.

My friend has been in a stable relationship for many years and friends have concluded that the two love birds will definitely make a good couple.

Unfortunately, close to the end of our studies in the university, my friend suddenly allowed herself to be influenced by a rich man who visited the son on campus.

From the beginning, l thought this interaction would not cause any problem, but it has degenerated into a serious amorous affair.

Now, my friend has decided to leave her longtime friend for this rich man.  My repeated appeals and pieces of advice could not help change her mind.

Secondly, her boyfriend who knows me as her best friend, continues to spend sleepless nights on the telephone with intermittent sobs, pleading with me to talk to her to rescind her decision and return to him.

Aware that all his efforts would not work and that my friend was determined to go ahead with the proposed wedding with the rich man, the boyfriend’s attention is now on me.

According to him, having observed me all these years, he has come to the conclusion that l will be the best replacement for my friend. He has promised to see my parents in the shortest period should l accept his proposal.

When l objected, he said it was my friend who abrogated the friendship and that he has decided to pick me as a good replacement, adding that l should not disappoint him either.

Meanwhile, this is a serious gentleman who is capable of becoming a good husband in the future.

Should l accept his proposal?

Nancy, Cape Coast.

Dear Nancy,

This is a thought-provoking issue which ought to be handled by an objective mind and better management for a good result.

I can envisage the pressure on you and the confused state in which you find yourself.

Though you are not responsible for the break in their relationship, you should not accept the offer from this gentleman because it will come with unexpected problems.

Judging from how close she was with this gentleman, one cannot rule out an intimate relationship, a situation which has the potential to break your friendship with your best friend.

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