Should l take her back after years of separation?

Dear ObaaYaa,

We got married and stayed under the same roof for six years during which God blessed us with two children. Though financial problems hit us hard, the delivery of the children, surprisingly, brought joy into the family.

As the head of the family, l ensured that the basic needs of the family were provided and life went on smoothly despite the hardships we went through.

All along, my wife complained about the harsh economic challenges that the family experienced.  But despite the assurances l gave that things would be better, l realised that she was not satisfied with my explanation.

After a brief misunderstanding between us one day, my wife threatened to leave me and the children.  Exactly a month after she had issued that threat, another quarrel ensued and she packed her things and left the house.

Five years after, she has returned and pleading that l should take her back.

Having considered the toil and pain that l had single-handedly gone through to cater for the children without her calling or coming round to find out how her children fared was unpardonable.

When l come to think about it, l get sick, worried and very angry about the sort of treatment meted out to us.

Surprisingly, we are both not married.  What should l do?

Joseph- Takoradi.

Dear Joseph,

I thank God for the life of your family, especially having taken you and your children through these difficult moments of trials, frustrations and deprivations to reach this stage.

Additionally, you ought to be commended for the ability to withstand the problems associated with single-parenting. I am pretty sure many people would have given you bits and pieces of advice from time to time as regards the sort of action to take in order to address the problem.

Impressed with your spirit of resilience and the love that you have for your children,  l have the feeling  that you are capable of moving mountains and making things work to perfection.

There is no human perfection on earth and there were occasions that people lost their temper and misbehaved without considering the consequences.

Your former wife allowed anger to take the better part of her, and having come back to her senses, she is pleading for forgiveness. Christians should remember that though sinners, Christ died for their sins, a gesture they do not deserve. So you must also forgive your wife and accept her back for the sake of the children and for the fact that you are both single.

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