Show compassion to the needy- Philanthropist

Show compassion to the needy- Philanthropist

A GHANAIAN non-governmental organisation (NGO), #Walkthelove has entreated the rich in the society to make sustained contributions to social equity by sharing their bread with the poor.  

The founder of the NGO, Mr Markus Dake made the call  when the group donated a consignment of rice, cooking oil and blankets to the Cured Lepers Village at Ho-Donokodzi last Saturday.  

The event coincided with his 50th birthday celebration.  

He said that the world had enough to cater for everyone but the resources were not equitably distributed and that had resulted in the wide gap between the rich and poor.  

“So, when those who have sufficient food, clothes and shelter show compassion to the less fortunate by contributing to their welfare our society will definitely be a happier place to live in,” Mr Dake added.  

He said that the donation to the cured lepers was in line with the devotion of #Walkthelove to render services to humanity and bring relief to the needy in society.  

He gave the assurance that the NGO would continue to help the Cured Lepers Village and contribute in various ways to its comfort.  

A leading member of the NGO, Mr Samuel Ledo also said that service to mankind was service to God and that was the guiding principle of the #Walkthelove.  

He said the donation was the first of its kind by the NGO to the Cured Lepers Village and marked also the beginning of many good things to follow soon at the village.  

“If you provide your hungry neighbour with food and provide your naked neighbour with clothes and also visit your ailing neighbour at hospital you are doing it all for God,” he added.  

The caretaker of the Village, Mr Nelson Atito expressed gratitude for the items and said that the gesture was highly touching and timely.  


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