Show your love this Val’s/Chocolate Day

 Once more, Valentine is here! In an effort to inject happiness and tenderness into their relation­ships, lovers will send roman­tic messages and give gifts to their loved ones on Wednes­day.

In the spirit of love, some people may host celebrations and enjoy themselves with their loved ones. Partners will give their loved ones gifts such as clothes, shoes, drinks, perfumes, greeting cards, and more, strengthening their bonds and adding sweetness to their relationship.

As always, giving gifts to the person you love would help reignite your love as we are in the month of love.

Val’s Day falls on a week­day this year, but that will not stop people from celebrating with their loved ones – though it is likely that some may move their celebrations to the weekend due to hectic sched­ules.

Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers will also include a lot of chocolate and chocolate-re­lated products.

The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) hosts events to extensively promote Ghana chocolate, which is a positive step toward enabling con­sumers to purchase made-in- Ghana chocolate and related products.

People of all ages like chocolates as a beloved sweet treat that evokes feelings of sensuality and happiness.

The Spectator hopes that this Val’s/Chocolate Day cele­bration will provide a chance for couples to show their af­fection in a variety of ways.

Some people use the day to renew their love for their spouses, but others have made it a day to give to or­phanages and other charitable organisations in order to show love to the less fortunate members of society.

We are also hopeful that the Day will be marked with a variety of events, fun activi­ties and charitable work with special attention to the needy and the elderly by groups and individuals. No matter what is done Wednesday, February 14 should be observed in the spirit of love and friendship.

If all else fails, you can still show someone how much you love them by getting them chocolate. The significance of the gift should not be de­termined by its size or cost; rather, it should be used as a symbol of your affection.

Give a thoughtful present to your loved ones, relatives, or friends to make this Val’s/ Chocolate Day special and unforgettable.

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