Signs you’ve found the partner you really deserve

Signs you’ve found the partner you really deserve

Some people spend a long time trying to find love but others, too, do not wait so long to discover a soul mate. Irrespective of whatever time it takes, it is important that we do not take the love for granted when we eventually find one.

However, it is sometimes difficult to make a distinction over whether or not a partner is truly the kind of person we deserve.

This article highlights a few indicators that the lady or gentleman you’ve found is the one you deserve to spend the rest of your life with.

Affection: A true partner makes sure you know that he loves you regardless of what day it is. He or she would always put in the effort necessary to make you understand how important you are. He or she does not need a special occasion to remind you of how much you’re loved. 

Attention to details: Your partner leaves you a lot of little love notes very often. This might seem like something so simple and easy. But the effort that he or she puts into it is really what matters. It just goes to show that he’s or she’s someone who values the little things.

Shows vulnerability: The right partner goes out of the way to make sure that you know how much he or she misses you. Your partner calls you even for the simple reason of wanting to hear your voice. He or she is not afraid of showing that kind of vulnerability towards you.

Transparent: Your partner does not shy away from opening up about his or her feelings to you. He or she does not care what people say when they express their feeling towards you. A well-deserved partner is transparent. He or she never hides anything from you at all. 

Respect: The partner you truly deserve respects you and other people around you. He or she is not rude to close family relations or other important people in your life. Both the gentleman and lady would respect the women and men around you. This is also another signal that he or she is the one ‘made for you’.

Humble: The man or woman you deserve does not brag about their past relationship, if any. He or she only talks about it whenever you try to ask about his or her romantic history. And whenever he or she does talk about them, they remain respectful.  A true partner does not make it seem he or she is holding any ill feelings or bitterness from a previous relationship.

Supportive: A well-deserved partner supports the professional goals that you might have for yourself. He or she acknowledges that you are a person of substance and that you’re not content with just living a life of mere mediocrity. He or she would honour the fact that you have a career or personal development path that you want to follow.

Seeks advice: He or she values your opinion and makes sure that you are heard and appreciated. A true partner seeks your advice on various issues. He or she does not leave you on the sidelines but would always ask for input and make you feel included.

Sensitive: Whenever he or she disagrees with you, it is done in a peaceful and graceful manner. He or she would take a sensitive approach to manage conflicts with you.

Appreciative: A well-deserved partner is insanely attracted to you. He or she makes you feel that you are not taken for granted. A true partner makes sure you are validated.

Confident: A true partner would always want to show you off to the world. He or she is not ashamed of you. He or she would never do anything to make you feel less confident of yourself. He or she is always proud to be with you.

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