Araba planned to leave the house but Kormi quickly went to their bedroom and apologized for his utterances. Araba accepted on the condition that Kormi must sent Sitsofe away but Kormi explained to her that Briggs would be mad at him for sending the boy away and that Briggs would be in Ghana later for them to decide the future of Sitsofe. Inasmuch as Kormi loved his wife and wouldn’t want his marriage to collapse, he wouldn’t have the courage to send the boy away because his soul was connected to him. Araba accepted the explanation and they smoked the peace pipe.

The following year, Kormi had to travel to the United Kingdom to execute a project together with Briggs. He was going to stay for one year. Before leaving, he pleaded with Araba to take care of Sitsofe as her own Son. “Don’t worry about that,” Araba answered reluctantly with her heart full of evil. Knowing what lay ahead of him after Kormi had departed, Sitsofe wasn’t happy but Kormi had assured him that things were going to be fine. A day after Kormi’s departure, the woes of Sitsofe began. Araba continued to treat him badly. Sometimes, Sitsofe would go to school without money or food. Whenever Kormi called and requested to speak to Sitsofe, Araba would compel him to conduct himself in a way that wouldn’t allow Kormi to detect the sadness in his voice. Monies sent by Briggs and Kormi for Sitsofe’s upkeep and school fees were misappropriated. Araba used the money for her personal gains. His academic performance began to dwindle. In school, Sitsofe would often become pensive and detach himself from his peers. His class teacher, Roberta, would later get closer to him to find out the source of his mood. Initially, Sitsofe was reluctant to share his problems with anyone due to the stern warning he was given by Araba. On top of that, his school fees had piled up for three terms. One Sunday morning, while Araba was taking her bath, Sitsofe crept quietly into her bedroom and retrieved the contact number of Kormi. The following day, he handed the number over to Roberta who in turn gave it to the accountant of the school.

When the accountant managed to call Kormi and told him of Sitsofe’s school fees, the latter was utterly dismayed. With two months left to return to Ghana, Kormi decided that for the report he had received concerning the non-payment of Sitsofe’s school fees, he would preempt his activities in London and come down before the appointed time. Kormi was so infuriated that he decided not to Inform Araba of his coming. Also, in order not to incur the displeasure of Briggs, Kormi decided to keep the issue from him. When Briggs decided to come back to Ghana with with him, Kormi wasn’t happy because coming down with him meant Briggs would definitely find out the the issue.

By Bismark Kyeremanteng

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