Some advice for long term relationship

Some advice for long term relationship

Relationships are built on the foundation of love, trust, honesty and loyalty. These foundation stones determine how long a relationship is going to last.

A long term relationship is the one that transforms into a lifetime commitment and over time you get so used to the presence of your partner that it becomes impossible to imagine a life without them.

Here is a set of advice that might be helpful to you if you are planning to have a long term relationship:

  •   Support each other no matter what the situation is. Have each other’s backs in difficult circumstances and reassure your partner from time to time that you are together in this and won’t leave their side no matter what.  
  • Accept them as they are; don’t try to change their personality in accordance with your mood. Let them be themselves.
  • Never stop putting efforts into your relationship no matter how old it gets. If you keep planting seeds, flowers keep blooming in your garden.
  •  Always trust each other unconditionally. By mistrusting your significant other you might humiliate them to a level that they start hating you and they consider their relationship with you a mistake.
  • Give enough space to each other; everybody loves to have some personal space. Give your partner some personal time to do their thing and meanwhile, you do yours.
  • Forgive and forget. Everybody makes mistakes; at times you will make some and at times they will make some, make sure you forgive and forget their mistakes as well. Forgiving and then taunting by remembering past mistakes will ruin the peace of your relationship.
  • Communicate more. Be open. Communication is the key to a lasting relationship if you both will pour your hearts out in front of each other and tell each other what bothers you and what comforts you, your relationship will become the safest haven for both of you.
  • Learn to listen. In a relationship, listening to each other’s viewpoints is extremely important. A person must always listen to the concerns of their significant other calmly. 
  • Pay attention to the details. While communicating pay attention to their tone, body language and voice, it will help you understand if the person is sad, happy, frustrated, stressed or glad. Such understanding will lead to a stronger bond and longer-lasting relationship.
  • Be appreciative. Appreciation is what we all expect in return for the little things that we do for others. Always be appreciative of all the small acts of kindness and love that your partner does to make you happy.
  •  Don’t overthink a small fight or argument you had with them. It will only keep on deepening your sorrow and you will end up creating scenarios in your head that didn’t even happen.
  •  Be thankful. Thank them for all the things that they do for you on a daily basis. Thanking will motivate the other person to put more effort into the relationship.
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