Some reasons you are always attracting the wrong guy

Some reasons you are always attracting the wrong guy

Depraved relationships can be messy. You end up questioning your very existence and your standards for love. You can’t help but wonder about what you’ve done to deserve the hell that you’ve just been through. What did you do to deserve that boyfriend who mistreated you and emotionally manipulated you? What you don’t realise is that you probably brought this havoc upon yourself with your bad decisions and misguided intentions.

You can save yourself the hassles of heartache by improving your standards and changing the way you go about choosing a potential mate. Girls often make the mistake of going into relationships with wrong expectations,  so they end up hurting themselves in the process when their expectations aren’t met. Don’t fall victim to your own wrong decisions and start approaching relationships better.

You prioritise look over personality

The one way to be blindsided into getting yourself into a toxic relationship is to allow you to prioritise looks over personalities. Scrutinises won’t be everything 10 years down the line. If you’re looking to be in a serious long-term relationship with someone, then you should start looking into peoples’ personalities more than their looks. Looks will fade away eventually, but personalities can only shine brighter with age. It would help if you always chose to be with someone who makes you happy over someone easy on the eyes.

Choosing someone who has the same personality as your toxic ex

You have a type. We understand that. But it would not be very reasonable for you to keep on getting into a relationship with people who have the same personality type and expect different results every time. Switch up your tastes and raise your standards. Reevaluate the qualities you want in a partner, and see if they are worth sustaining in a relationship.

You prefer the loud one to the quiet one

Often, you’ll be drawn to the loud and eloquent partner with whom you can seemingly strike a conversation at any given moment. You may end up overlooking quiet, quiet introverts who have just as much love to give you in the process. Be wary. The loud, talkative ones don’t necessarily have the best personalities and might bring toxicity to your relationships. There are perfectly great potential life partners waiting in the wings who don’t have the courage to strike up a conversation. Don’t overlook them and test the waters a little bit. You never know what gems you may end up finding if you put in a little effort.

Letting popularity be a factor in determining worth

Social status is incredibly essential to you, and you only want to be linked with the most popular people. That can spell disaster for you in the future because sometimes, the most popular people don’t necessarily make the best life partners. Yes, you can be dating someone with elite social status, but if you don’t connect emotionally, then what’s the point? You’ll only end up disappointing yourself in the long run, and you won’t have anyone else to blame but yourself.


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