Some steps to becoming a supportive partner

Some steps to becoming a supportive partner


Being in love is amazing. And being loved back is even better. You have this person who believes in you, puts up with you at your worst, cares for you, and is someone you can always fall back on.

If you’re reciprocating all this, then keep at it. If not, then you should know that telling someone you love them and proving it are two different things. A relationship needs a lot of things to flourish and survive. Any one of the pieces goes missing, the whole thing becomes shaky. One of such things is support.

You may have love, trust, respect, and honesty, but if you’re not being supportive, they’ll feel something missing. Unless they’re putting themselves in harm’s way, support them in everything they do.

Listen intently

It might work in the movies, but despite how eyes can speak, or show that special connection enables you to understand your partner without saying anything; the reality of the matter is quite different. With time you indeed learn each other’s gestures, expressions, and body language, but even then, words are always needed. A lot can happen over time, but you cannot become telepathic.

So when your partner is making your life easier by talking to you about stuff they want to do, or the things they like or what intimidates them the most or any number of things, do yourself a favor, and LISTEN! Absorb every little thing that comes out of their mouth. It shows you care enough to pay attention to. Even if it’s something you can’t help them with, all they might want is for you to just hear them out.

Be attentive

Attention is what every human is designed to crave. Some may deny it, some may accept it and then others are just needy. Anyhow, however long you’ve been in your relationship, never allow yourself to believe that you fully know each other. People are constantly changing, and those changes are gradual and initially may not be as visible as say, a different hair color.

Never stop observing your partner. There is always going to be something new. You’ll be surprised by the things you can learn about someone even after spending years together.

 Be the helping hand

Design each other’s life easier. If you have spare time and they’re up to their ears with something, ease their burden. It’s something that comes almost naturally. You tend to look out for each other and do whatever you can to make life less difficult.  We’re in this together’, say it, mean it, and act on it!

As a couple, you’re going to go through a lot of things together. And these are the times when you both need each other the most. Don’t ever fall short of doing your part. Always be there for them. You’re equal partners. Whatever the matter may be, you both are a part of it and you’re going to deal with it together.

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