Spaghetti (pasta) Jollof

Spaghetti (pasta) Jollof

• Pasta Jollof


• One bottle of oil

• 350g ofspaghetti (pasta)

• 200g of tomatoes

• 25g of dawadawa

• 150gof onions

• 50g of powdered fish (amani)

• 15g of hot pepper

• 10g of bouillon tablet

• Salt to taste


– Grind vegetables together

-Pound or crush dawadawa

-Break spaghetti into desirable pieces

-Chop onion

– Pound dry fish


-Put saucepan on fire and heat oil

– Add chopped onions, tomatoes and pounded dawadawa

– Allow to cook and add enough water to boil

– Add broken spaghetti

– Stir to prevent sticking together

– Cover and allow to cook

– Stir occasionally with wooden spoon until soft and all liquid is soaked up

– Serve hot

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