Spotlight on Nicholine GH

Spotlight on  Nicholine GH

Most Ghanaian fashion designers are venturing into making customised clothing for renowned personalities of diverse backgrounds.

One of the top designers who is gaining poplularity in Ghana and internationally, is Nicholas Asamoah known as Nicholine GH.

Over the years, Nicholine GH has styled television personalities, movie stars, models and people of influence in Ghana and across the globe on a daily basis.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nicholine GH, for the past three years, has been creating stunning designs for Mrs Gifty Adorye known in showbiz circles as Empress Gifty.

“Mrs Adorye is very selective about  what she wears and sometimes decides not to wear things she does not like when it is sewn for her” he stated.

He said that some styling were  based on orders made while some were also made for the celebrity to publicise his or her clothing line.

Mr Asamoah appealed  to government to support the fashion industry and encourage the sector to do more because they were making great patterns, and great finishing which could be compared to the foreign clothing.

On the other hand,  Mrs Adorye said Nicholine GH  made her to  stand out during events and had contributed to her winning a lot of awards as the stylish artiste since 2017 on different award schemes.

“I decided to work with Nicoline GH because I believe in supporting young talents and he is one of them. His dedication towards his work, creativity and above all trust to deliver within the stipulated  time” she told this reporter.

By Linda Abrefi Wadie

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