‘We are’, Nii said. ‘What you need to admit to yourself is that your relationship with Stella is not going well. It’s not her fault that she comes from a wealthy home. Unfortunately you seem to have a problem with that, yet at the same time you have no problems accepting money from her. I think you should decide whether you want a relationship with a girl who comes from a different background from you. If you do, then let’s all help you to resolve the problems and move forward. Otherwise please back out. You may take offence, but that’s the truth’.                             

 ‘Actually, I’m not offended. But guys, try to see things from my perspective small. I’ve been with Stella for ages. What’s wrong with taking her to bed?                                                                                                                ‘She will only go to bed with you when, or if, she gets married to you. Isn’t that very clear? Perhaps you should save yourself the trouble and move on. I thought you found her attractive, but you told her she was fat and ugly. Nobody says that to a lady, no matter the provocation. I suspect, Danny, that you may not want to marry her after sleeping with her. Perhaps she can sense that too. Maybe you see her as a trophy that you must win, just for your ego’. ‘I appreciate your suggestions and advice. I will make the effort. I hope she accepts my apology’. ‘Danny, I will ask Sylvia to speak with her on your behalf. They have good rapport, and I’m sure Stella will at least listen to her. But let’s hope some smart guy doesn’t grab her before she gets back. Those young guys there are very sharp. And you know Stella is very beautiful’. ‘Your are just taunting me, Nii. She will come back safe and sound, without any damage’.

Stella walked across to the outhouse and knocked on Salome’s door. She opened.   ‘Ah, Doctor Stella. I’m ready. I asked Madam for permission yesterday, but let me tell her….’ ‘It’s okay. I told her I want you to accompany me to town. So your friend is expecting us?’ 

  ‘Yes, Doctor Stella. We are going to his office. He says he will pay for the taxi or Uber’. ‘No, I will certainly pay for that. I feel a little uneasy, but I hope it will be okay’.  ‘He also says the same. I told him that you are a doctor and very beautiful, and he said he’s afraid but looking forward to meeting you. I’m sure you will get along with him, at least as friends’.

They stopped in front of the office, entered the reception and greeted the middle aged lady and asked to see Bright Koomson. She smiled and pointed to the door, and they entered.  ‘You are welcome’, he said, rising. ‘Auntie Salome and Doctor, good to see you.’ ‘Good to see you too’, Salome said. This is Doctor Stella, my Madam’s daughter’.                     

  ‘Yes, Doctor. Salome told me about you, and said she would like me to meet you. She said you were a doctor, and  as I can see, very beautiful. I am very honoured to have you here’.                                           ‘Thank you. I’m also glad to be here. Your office is impressive’.  ‘Ah, thank you. So Doc, my name is Bright Koomson. I’m a civil engineer. Presently I work in real estate. I buy houses, redevelop them and sell. I’ve just started building estate houses’.             

‘I see. Well, as you know already I’m a doctor. I recently qualified as a paediatrician. I work in the University of Maryland Hospital. I came home to spend a couple of weeks with my family’.

 ‘Interesting. I visited a friend in Virginia a couple of years ago, and he took me round the area, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington. In fact, we visited two Universities, Morgan State College and John Hopkins University. You are a paediatrician. Wow’. They chatted for well over an hour as Salome busied herself with the internet on Bright’s laptop. ‘Doc, would you and Salome kindly come with me for lunch?’ ‘Yes. I will be glad to. Is it okay with you, Salome?’  ‘A lot of the things you are saying are over my head, and I have to be getting back soon’.  ‘Okay, Salome, you can come with us and take a lunch pack home with you. Doc has already accepted my invitation, and she’s not going to change her mind’.  ‘You can start calling me Sally now’.

They sat at the table and chatted for some time, obviously enjoying each other’s company. ‘Bright, don’t you have to go back to work? It’s past 2:30pm.

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