Street Academy holds Easter Picnic for less-privileged

Street Academy holds Easter Picnic for less-privileged

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 The Street Academy School, on Easter Monday, organised an Easter Picnic for the less privi­leged and vulnerable children in the community.

Ataa Lartey, the Director of the Academy said the picnic had be­come an annual event to bring the children together and educate them about Christ Jesus, who is the reason for the occasion.

He further explained that it was a way to get the less privileged chil­dren to be part of the fun.

It drew a number of children from the Academy and those in the surrounding community who were refreshed and engaged in several fun-filled activities.

“We are celebrating Christ Jesus today; we want the children to know there is somebody called Christ, when you put your hope in him, the sky will be your limit”, he told the children.

Ms Melani Mennella, a Develop­ment Consultant and a Board of Director of the Academy, said, this year’s Easter picnic was to remind the vulnerable children that they believe in them and will continue to empower them to grow.

Ms Mennella who is also a Human Rights Activist said these children will be fortified by giving them the necessary support they deserved.

She said academia, sports, and social works provide children with a sense of dignity as well.

She acknowledged the Director of the school, for his efforts in nurtur­ing and caring for the children over the years and stated that, street Academy was solely sponsored pri­vately without regular funds from the public sector.

Speaking in an interview with Ms Priscilla Naa Ajeley Mensah, the Ad­ministrative Secretary of the Acad­emy, she said the programme was organised to encourage vulnerable, less privileged and deprived children that society has not forgotten about them.

She highlighted the various chal­lenges they face when organising such programmes, and appealed to the society, organisations, individ­uals, churches to support them to raise the unfortunate children.

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