Substance abuse at the Port GPHA warns casual workers

Substance abuse at the Port GPHA warns casual workers

Mrs. Manu

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) has moved to curb the abuse of drugs or substances among casual workers on its premises, warning culprits to stay away from the port when ‘high.’

This follows the Authority’s obser­vation of the use of several energy enhancing drugs and substances to aid them to work for extra hours to boost their daily earnings.

According to the Deputy Corporate Planning Manager and the Interna­tional Standards Organisation Coor­dinator of the Authority, Ms Frances Jemima Manu, the menace has come to the notice of GPHA and must be quick to nip it in the bud.

This came up on the sidelines of an occupational health, safety and envi­ronment policies sensitisation for staff and stakeholders on Friday.

Ms Manu said “the Authority had noted with serious concern the use of substances such as glue, green tea, and ‘momo’, cough mixture among others which they mixed with other illegal or harmful substances to give them extra energy for the day’s activities.”

She said“evenat the mere look at some of them one could tell all is not well with them even before they are tested.”

She explained that the illegal prac­tice also compromises the health and safety of the users and other persons that work with them or conduct businesses at the port.

She said some of these people look ‘high’, and strange as if they want to ‘fly’ as a result of the excessive consumption of the substances which they sniff, inhale or consume through food and drinks.

“This is the reason the Authori­ty wants to kick out the offenders tomake the place safe for all,” she said.

Some of these offenders, she explained, include drivers, their con­ductors and dock labour staff whose activities were supposed to support the work of the GPHA.

Ms Manu said to curb the situation, measures have been put in place to sanction all such persons who were found out to be engaged in the un­healthy practices.

She said apart from the individual punitive measures against the cul­prits, the organisation they workfor­would also be dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others.

Ms Manu said the Authority has banned some individuals with their photographs displayed at the ports to alert all others that such persons were no more allowed into their premises.

She said some businesses risk not having their licences renewed or entirely withdrawn if their activities create inconvenience and compro­mise standards.

She cautioned all stakeholders to be responsible and take their health and safety seriously if they wished to continue to work with the GPHA.

She said the right of admission to the port was reserved and testing could be done randomly if a person was suspected to have used any harmful substance.

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Tema

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