Terminate pregnancy or will not accept baby

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We became lovers after school and this gentleman promised to marry me. With time, l got pregnant but he insisted l should abort the pregnancy since he was unemployed.

l got rid of the pregnancy and this remained a secret between  us.

After two years, l became pregnant again and my lover once more suggested that l should abort this second pregnancy which l refused.

He threatened to disown the child if l chose to maintain the pregnancy. l ignored  his threats and informed my parents about the mess which l had caused.

Though l was abused and ridiculed, my parents later followed up to the gentleman’s parents who backed their son’s claims that he was not responsible for my pregnancy.

Enraged though, my father decided to accept the child as one of his children.

Having gone through embarrassment and mental agony, my child is doing well in school and this funny man is trying to claim the child.

l have decided not to mind him. Have l taken the right decision?

Marian, Accra.

Dear Marian,

You must be commended for the bold decision you took under this trying conditions.   Your parents must also be commended for standing by you to overcome this problem.

The possibility of becoming barren after the second abortion was great, hence your decision was appropriate.

You must ignore this gentleman but if he still insists, your parents should go to court and stop him from harassing you.

Secondly, your parents should calculate the expenditure they had made on you from the time you became pregnant through to the time you were delivered of the child and what you had spent to look after the child and ask the man to pay it all off.

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