‘The Billionaire’s Wife’ records viewership success on Showmax

‘The Billionaire’s Wife’ records viewership success on Showmax

The Billionaires Wife started airing in March 2023

Ghanaian Showmax Origi­nal ‘The Billionaire’s Wife’ is now the most-watched drama series on Showmax in Ghana. It has been the num­ber one most-watched title on Showmax in Ghana every week since its launch in March 2023.

For producers Danny Adotey and Collins Amlalo, this success is a dream come true, and a sign of even greater things to come.

“It is the dream of every producer to see their work go far and be recognised for their efforts. We are proud to have done this project for Showmax but to hear that it is the most watched title ever on Showmax in Ghana gives us such an unexplain­able feeling.

“It makes us forget all the filming challenges we went through to get this done and pushes us further to want to perfect all the minor errors we may have overlooked,” Mr Amlalo said in a press statement.

Lead actor Kingsley Yamoah said he was completely lost when he heard about the view­ership success.

“Never has any work I have done permeated my soul and lit it up as ‘The Billionaire’s Wife’ has done. It’s a very humbling feeling to know how apprecia­tive the public is of our work. I believe this will open more doors and create more opportunities from Showmax to actors in Gha­na,” he said.

The actor plays the role of a man “no-non­sense” billionaire who inspires fear to the point that everyone around him freezes or scampers when he passes by.

For lead actress Andriana Akua Amegbor, a newcomer in the Ghanaian film and TV indus­try, the journey has just begun.

“I feel so blessed to have it begin like this. This achievement makes me believe that God is always with me, no matter how alone I feel, because it was at my loneliest hour that I asked for an acting opportunity. And he blew my mind with this project, which Ghanaian viewers are appreciating by watch­ing,” she said.

Amegbor plays the role of a 19-year-old who, after marrying an old billionaire (Yamoah), finds herself locked in an endless battle for survival, where back­stabbers, schemers and faceless enemies will stop at nothing to prove she is a fraud and a gold digger.


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