The Chorkor Fashionista: 8 style tips to steal from the icon

The Chorkor Fashionista: 8 style tips to steal from the icon

Former Ghanaian footballer, Stephen Appiah is our style influencer for today.

Popularly known in the football fraternity, Stephen Appiah is among the stylish male celebrities making Ghana proud in the fashion world.

He has over the years modelled for many fashion brands.

Stephen while in an interview with Accra based Joy FM, shared what influenced his ostentatious fashion and how he came to acquire such a renowned taste in fashion.

He explained that while growing up in the poverty-stricken Chorkor community he used to go to Kantamanto with a little amount of money and make the most out of it by getting good clothing for himself.

Adding that his fashion sense was influenced by the Chorkor community where he grew up

“During my Chorkor days, we (used) go to Kantamanto, with the small money that we earn on the streets we try to do something with it when it comes to dressing”, Appiah told Joy Sports.

“I always say that when it comes to fashion, everybody knows how to dress because nobody goes out naked.”

“For me, it’s all about character that is why you see certain people wearing pink trousers and pink shirts. It’s not everybody who can rock those colours. So its character and it started from Chorkor days” he concluded.

Check out our top 8 favourite looks inspired by the former Black Star’s Captain, Stephen Appiah.

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