The dancing bread seller

 During one of my routine brisk walking activity, I happened to observe a scene that was fasci­nating. A bread seller, a lady in her forties, was dancing to a rap song behind her load of bread on a tray, resting on a table.

I am not sure she could under­stand a word of what was being rapped but the joy and the attitude she displayed was what caught my attention.

I therefore approached her and interacted briefly with her and a cou­ple of young men who were standing close to her, apparently her custom­ers. The woman’s free spirited atti­tude was very infectious. It was as if, she did not have anything to worry about in this world.

Reflecting on the woman’s atti­tude, I recalled a WhatsApp message sent to me by a friend. Motivation­al speakers, talk about hardwork, acquiring knowledge, education, attitude among others as being the ingredients for success.

WhatsApp message used the Alphabets to reinforce the belief that attitude is the most important ingredient for success. The alphabets were assigned numbers from 1 to 26.

A was assigned number 1, B was assigned number 2, C was assigned number 3 and so on till the last letter Z, was assigned number 26.

HARDWORK is 8+1+18+4+23+15+28+11=98;

KNOWLEDGE is 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96;

EDUCATION is 5+4+21+3+1+20+9+15+14=92;

LEADERSHIP is 12+5+1+4+5+18+19+8+9+16=97; and

ATTITUDE is 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100.

Judging by the logic of rating things by a percentage of 100, it be­comes apparent that attitude which sums up to 100, is the most important element for success in various life’s endeavours.

In anything that you do, your attitude will determine its success or otherwise.

The dancing bread seller, demon­strated this by the way she went about selling her bread. She exuded joy, peace and in general a positive attitude to life.

This is the mindset successful people have and this is the way to go in every endeavour of life.

A positive mindset would cause positive declarations to be made and this results in what sociologist call positive thinking which is a very important element towards success in life.

It generates a can do spirit which assists a person to push on despite challenges that comes along the way. Challenges are a part of human en­deavours.

Anything one attempts to execute, there is a high probability of encoun­tering challenges but a positive atti­tude can overcome those challenges.

It will interest you to know that even toddlers have a challenge of being able to sit down without falling. Again to be able to lift themselves up and stand upright is a huge challenge for them not to forget the huge chal­lenge of taking their first steps.

It is a way that nature teaches us to approach life. A careful observa­tion reveals that in their attempt to stand up, they fail several times but they never give up. They have a pos­itive attitude which gives them hope that they will be able to stand up and ultimately walk without assistance from anybody or anything.

This is what keeps them going and helps them to ultimately become suc­cessful in taking their first steps.

A look at an aeroplane which is to travel thousands of kilometres from say Ghana to United Kingdom, begins with taking along the runway slowly at first and then gathers speed, lifts up into the air and flies away towards its destination.

Life is usually like that and that is why the good book advises that we should not despise small beginnings and therefore whenever life throws a challenge your way, do not despair but remember the story of the danc­ing bread seller for motivation, to soldier on.

By Laud Kissi-Mensah

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