The Eucalyptus herb and its exceptional benefits to our teeth… The role it plays today in toothpaste and dentistry

The Eucalyptus herb and its exceptional benefits to our teeth… The role it plays today in toothpaste and dentistry

Ever wondered what Eucalyptus is all about? I am sure a considerable number of Ghanaians
might have seen it, chewed it, gargled it or experienced its unique benefits in one way or the
other. Well, the benefits of the eucalyptus herb are enormous to the skin, to our health and
even in maintaining good oral health care.

Now, let’s take a keen look at what the herb does in totality and how it’s one of the best
ingredients to look out for in a toothpaste.

Eucalyptus trees are commonly known as Gum trees, 30 feet tall, fast growing evergreen
tree with some of about 100 feet tall.

Eucalyptus leaves

The history of eucalyptus dates to ancient history in the year 1642, when Abel Janszoon
Tasman explored Tasmania, an island off Australia and discovered this amazing tree. After
its discovery, the use and cultivation of the tree grew, for which many used the wood as
timber since its strong and flexible. It is also believed that eucalyptus is a strong push back
against the deadliest malaria.

In the 18 th and 19 th centuries in Australia, eucalyptus is also used as an antiseptic and for
wound healing.

Now, let’s explore some of its new discoveries and how best it is utilized in the world we find
ourselves in today looking at eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus oil and eucalyptol.
Eucalyptus leaves

A pretty leaf at a first glance it is, smells wonderful, can be
used as an aromatherapy, helps in relaxation, it repels bugs
and others. The dried leaves are usually grounded up to
make a healthy eucalyptus tea.

Most importantly eucalyptus leaves help to keep your teeth
healthy. It contains high amounts of ethanol and macrocarpal
C ⁠— a type of polyphenol. These compounds are associated

with lower levels of bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease.
A study in 97 people found that those who chewed gum with eucalyptus leaf extract 5 times
per day for at least 5 minutes had a significant decrease in plaque buildup, gum bleeding,
and gum inflammation, while the other controlled group experienced no improvements.

Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus globulus, a specific specie of
the eucalyptus tree. The oil is medicinal and used in variety of ways; it can be inhaled to
relieve coughing and for easy breathing, helps to control blood sugar, eases joint pain, used
for cleaning and as a disinfectant and bug repellent as well.

Eucalyptus oil is best used for dental care. It helps in fighting plaque, bad breath, or cavity
problems and most predominantly found in mouthwash and toothpastes.
A team of experienced dentists found out that the eucalyptus oil is effective in fighting
cavities, dental plaque, gingivitis as well as preventing other oral infections. Eucalyptus oil
fights germicidal properties in the mouth and also keeps your breath pleasant.

Eucalyptol found in eucalyptus is used as an ingredient in products like mouthwash and

Now, I believe we have a better view of why various products on the market add a touch of
eucalyptus herb as an ingredient in their products.
In this same line, Closeup Complete Fresh Protection has been formulated to give our
consumers a herbal touch with eucalyptus mint as a core ingredient. We have realized that
our discerning consumers are increasingly seeking after and purchasing products made or
infused with herbal or natural ingredients. Further, eucalyptus mint, as I have outlined, has
proven to do wonders when it comes to dentistry and oral health care.

However, what our consumers will realize is that Closeup Complete Fresh Protection is not
only a herbal product but it offers holistic complete freshness by offering benefits such as
deep cleaning, fresh breath, cavity protection, strong teeth, and fighting germs.
At Unilever, our sole aim is to always offer customers the best of our brands. We achieve
this objective by providing them with the kind of products they look forward to while focusing
on our vision of expanding our portfolio through innovation every so often. I can say we have
honoured this promise with this new product.

For dental care, always seek out for toothpastes with a touch of eucalyptus herb like the
Closeup Complete Fresh protection variant uniquely formulated to help you in deep
cleaning, to offer fresh breath, protecting against cavities, helping to maintain strong teeth,
and helping to fights germs.

By Joel Boateng

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