The insanity must stop

 Ghana will soon be 67 years old as a nation and if it was a person in public or civil service, would have been on retirement for about seven years now.

Looking at things from this context, one would have thought that Ghana would be a well-established, middle income state with everything going on smoothly, economi­cally, socially and the popu­lace enjoying a high standard of living.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality and the reality is far from this picture. Our economy is under severe strain and it has necessitated our going to the IMF for finan­cial bailout.

As a nation, we have gone to the IMF for assistance for 18 times since independence. Countries like Malaysia, South Korea etc. were our peers at independence in terms of all the macroeconomic indica­tors. In fact we were better than some of them.

However, they are miles ahead of us today. The question is what went wrong? There is a popular quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” which some say is attributed to Albert Einstein.

Insanity is the root cause of our inability to become economically independent. The insanity in this coun­try has reached such levels of absurdity that if serious attention is not paid to this is­sue, will result in very serious problems for the peace and security of our dear nation.

On the economic front, we as a country that have gone to the IMF for financial bailout, are at the same time giving out tax reliefs right, left and centre. This is economic or financial insanity.

The auditor general’s report every year reveals, millions if not billions of Ghana Cedis squandered and yet culprits are not prosecut­ed effectively to serve as a deterrent to other potential offenders. Therefore we are not able to effectively mo­bilise enough resources for national development.

People litter the streets and the litter eventually end up in the gutters and drains which get choked and results in flooding of large areas causing destruction of proper­ties and even deaths. If this is not insanity, then what is it?

A gentleman posted a vid­eo to me showing the streets of Rwanda, a country in Africa that had been devastated by civil war and it is so neat that for a moment, you may assume it is a street in one of the advanced nations. Peo­ple defecate at our beaches which is an avenue for huge income generating opportuni­ty through tourism.

Not only does it deprive us of revenue as a people but it impacts negatively on the health of the people living along the coast. This in turn, results in a drain on our limited national resourc­es as money would have to be spent from our national coffers, in combating diseases like Cholera.

Issues to do with gover­nance also has not been freed from this insanity plaguing our nation. A nation that allows wrong doing to thrive espe­cially corruption and thievery with impunity, will definitely be self-destruct at some point in its life.

The most dangerous person in my opinion is a literate, intelligent but with a criminal mindset. If a high ranking government official authorised to purchase an aeroplane for Ghana, decides to defraud the nation, earning the infamous tag government Official one, such a person has no business being allowed to seek the high office of the land ever again.

No serious country would allow this to happen. The insanity here is that, you have people with PhD, Masters etc. degrees who are publicly cam­paigning for this Government Official one, whose crime has been established in courts of competent jurisdiction in countries where individual freedoms and rule of law is held in high esteem. The insanity must indeed stop.

By Laud Kissi-Mensah

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