The Principles of New Start

Our human bodies are marvelously designed and very robust, but will fail under constant exposure to abuse. Majority of the diseases we suffer today are brought about by the unhealthy lifestyle choices, which in turn form habits, then, go on to form our characters.

Our characters are, all said and done, what we are. Generally, these choices and habits are brought on by the feeling one has to submit to peers of the day and follow accepted practices of society, often without understanding their hurtful consequences.

This article brings some simple rules that bring better health and happier living when applied in your life and in many cases, because of the willingness of nature, will undo much of the damage already done. 

N-E-W-S-T-A-R-T: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in Divine Power.


When a car is made, the company that manufactured the vehicle prints a service manual to go with it. This prescribes the best fuel and oils for the machinery in that car, to keep it running in the best possible condition.

In the same way, we are like machines that need good fuel to run well. Certain foods will make the best kind of blood, muscle and bone in our bodies.

To keep us running well, we need to choose our foods wisely and keep our diet well balanced with the four main food groups:  Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Seeds, Vegetables.

It is healthy to start every day in the morning with a good, healthy breakfast including:

• Oats, rice or porridge 

• Milk – coconut or soy

• Fruits – Apples, pears, bananas, pawpaw, oranges, etc.

At midday, a good vegetable meal with:

• Starches – like potatoes, bread and grains

• Protein – which is in beans, nuts and seeds

• Greens – cabbage, silver beet, spinach, parsley, etc.  

• Colours – carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, beetroot, etc.

For the evening meal, a light fruit meal with a little grain, like cracker biscuits. The light evening meal should be eaten at least two to three hours before going to bed.

It is also important to eat meals at regular times and not to eat in-between meals at all, as our stomachs need to rest as well. It is well recommended to have some raw salads with each meal also, as this aids digestion.

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. We need to have an understanding of the word “Nutrition”. It means to eat foods only that are good for  building our bodies and eat them in moderation, at the right time. Fatty foods tend to store as fat which increase the risk of disease and make us more sluggish.

Eating a good hearty breakfast, a good-sized midday meal and a light tea, gives us the fuel we need at the right time when we need energy. It also helps to keep our bodies in good shape and helps in weight control.

If a good-sized meal cannot be eaten at midday, it would be wise to have more in the morning, rather than have a large heavy meal late in the day. This can result in disturbed sleep, not waking up refreshed in the morning and an unhealthy cycle can soon develop.

Some foods are not good for our well-being. Alcohol, smoking, coffee and drugs are very harmful.  Lollies, canned drinks, ice creams, cakes made with a high sugar content are also dangerous for our health.

Harmful effects may not be noticed straight away, but over a period of time, our immune system will begin to fail. This will increase the risk of diseases and may result in damaged organs and even death.

Eating too many sweets and sugary foods makes unhealthy blood and they are not good for building strong healthy tissues and bones, etc. By not eating between meals, it reduces the temptation of eating sweets.

If there is need to eat something sweet after a meal, a piece of fruit would be so much better. Acid fruit like an orange or similar are best after a vegetable meal.


If someone has just broken an arm or a leg, it needs to be put into a plaster cast for six – eight weeks, so that the bones can knit back together and heal properly.

When the plaster is removed, it can be easily noticed that the limb that was broken is smaller, paler, weaker and stiffer than the other limb that has had frequent use.

The joints of the broken limb will not move as freely as the good limb and it could be more painful to move for a time. ONLY EXERCISE WILL BRING IT BACK TO GOOD USE AGAIN. 

…to be continued

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