They have a secret relationship

Dear Obaa Yaa,

A friend of mine introduced me to a young man few months ago. I accepted his proposal and we have dated for three years. But I discovered recently that my new boyfriend had dated my friend in the past. 

They both tell me they are “just friends” but I notice they express their feelings towards each other during phone conversations. I have seen text messages to prove they have an affair.

My friend denied when I confronted her and insisted they are “just friends.” When I asked my fiance he got upset that I had read messages on his phone, but  did not deny the secret relationship with my friend.

He told me if I wanted to maintain the relationship, I should not talk about the other lady. It  appears I have been living in a fool’s paradise. I am gradually losing hope in him. I don’t know what to do. 

Mavis, Taifa.

Dear Mavis,

Sometimes you need to let go of what you love so much if your love is not replicated. As long as your boyfriend did not deny the relationship, he is likely to continue the secret relationships with your friend. Don’t ‘lose hope’. If you feel you’re the ‘third party’ in the relationship, take a break and use the break to redirect  yourself.

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