TOUGHA is ready for December in GH- Alisa Asamoah

TOUGHA is ready for December in GH- Alisa Asamoah

President of the Tour Operators Union of Ghana, (TOUGHA) Alisa Osei-Asamoah has expressed his outfit’s readiness for December in GH experience. 

December in GH has become a major highlight on Ghana’s cultural and tourism calendar, attracting visitors from around the world who are eager to experience the nation’s vibrant heritage, arts and entertainment scene.

This year’s calendar promises an even more spectacular showcase, offering a platform to explore Ghana and connect with several local communities during the festive season.

Speaking to,  Mrs.Alisa Asamoah said, they started preparing earlier for the number of tourists who will visit Ghana this December.

“TOUGHA is indeed ready and looking forward to the activities and revellers visiting Ghana, this December,” she said.

According to her, the over 120 events approved by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the expectation of the government of a million arrivals would create demand in the tourism sector.

Against this backdrop, she said they are looking at enhancing tourist packages,  accommodation, transportation, logistics, environmental sustainability, partnership,  community engagement and tour guide training among others.

“Some of these have been done already, and we are looking forward to achieving others yet to be rolled out,” she added.

This she said when achieved would create an inclusive and memorable December in GH experience that not only attracts visitors but also fosters a positive impression of Ghana as a premier tourist destination and also enhances Ghana’s reputation.

She urged all Ghana to get on board to help create and memorable December in GH.

TOUGHA exists to support Tour Operators in harnessing potentials which will transform the country and contribute to the tourism industry and serve as a liaison between Tour Operators in Ghana and the Ghana Tourism Authority as well as the Ministry of Tourism.

Over the years, TOUGHA has ensured high standards are maintained among Tour Operators, keeping them up to speed with the latest trends

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