Traffic light crisis in Koforidua: Urgent action needed to ensure road safety

Traffic light crisis in Koforidua: Urgent action needed to ensure road safety

● Traffic lights at Koforidua

Our country relies on a well-functioning traffic management system, including traffic lights, to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles and motorcycles.

Lately, we have observed a rising concern, especially in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern region, regarding the alarming state of our traffic lights.

The malfunctioning traffic lights have not only disrupted the flow of traffic but also become a significant contribu­tor to accidents on our roads. The safety of our citizens is at stake, and urgent action is needed to address this press­ing issue.

Specifically, I draw at­tention to the dire condition of several traffic lights in Koforidua, such as those at Poly Junction, Kenkey Factory Junction, Capital View Hotel, and the other crucial inter­sections.

These traffic lights are in a state of disrepair, posing a grave danger to motorists and pedestrians alike.

Take, for example, the situation at Poly Junction, a bustling intersection in Koforidua. The traffic lights at this location have been non-functional for a consid­erable period, leaving drivers and pedestrians in a state of uncertainty.

Those approaching from the Poly road are left clue­less about when to stop or proceed as the lights remain inoperative.

The absence of any traffic signal on this path has result­ed in a haphazard and poten­tially hazardous scenario. Ve­hicles only move when drivers from Okorase and Adweso halt their progress.

Such a situation not only hampers the efficiency of our transportation system but also increases the risk of acci­dents. It is imperative that the relevant authorities take swift action to rectify this situation before a preventable disaster occurs.

Repairing or replacing these malfunctioning traffic lights should be an urgent priority, and regular main­tenance must be part of the plan to prevent further break­downs.

I earnestly beseech the responsible authorities to ensure that all traffic lights within the Koforidua Township function properly. The safety of our citizens, as well as the efficient flow of traffic, relies on these vital components of our road infrastructure.

Prompt and sustained action is crucial to maintain and enhance the safety and functionality of our traffic management system.

By George Obeng Osei


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