Traumatised rape victim appeals for support

The 24-year-old young lady who boldly “divided” the penis of a rapist into two at Obuasi a couple of days ago, has appealed for psychological assistance following the traumatic event.

Ms Justina Donkor was allegedly raped by Mr Emmanuel Akron, an alleged armed robber who broke into her room at Abompe, a suburb of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region when she was fast asleep.

Akron is said to have forcibly removed the underwear of the victim and raped her in the process after which he robbed her.

Speaking to this reporter on phone on Tuesday, Ms Donkor said “the ordeal is having a toll on her and that she needs urgent medical attention.”

Ms Justina Donkor, who bit off the penis of a rapist, has appealed for psychological support, due to her traumatic condition.

An armed robber, Emmanuel Akron, broke into their house in Abompey New Site in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region and in the process removed the underwear to forcibly sleep with her, and later asked her to give him a ‘blow job’ to get an erection for another bout of sex.

“I can’t sleep, at times, I shout as though someone is chasing me, anytime I close my eyes, I feel like someone is chasing me with a knife, it is my mother who has been telling me no one is around, so I should keep calm,” she said.

The traumatised victim believes that relocating from the house and the very room the unfortunate incident happened would be better.

According to her, sleeping in the same room the incident happened had not been a comfortable experience to her.

“Any time I am walking, I feel like some people are trailing me, I have reported this to the police, my life is in danger, I don’t feel safe, I can die at anytime,” she remarked painfully.

It is for these reasons that she has appealed for psychological support, and relocation, because her pictures and videos in which she granted interviews are now in the public domain, and she fears friends of Emmanuel Akron may avenge anytime soon.

Justina, who is unemployed, revealed that she failed her English Language paper, and has registered to write NOV/DEC examination to better her grades to enable her to apply for recruitment into the Ghana Police or Military.

Unfortunately for her, the examinations starts on Monday with oral English, but with her condition, appearance in court, and also visits to the hospital for medial care, she had not been in any better position to learn.

The lady claimed she woke up to find the man holding a machete and pointing a locally manufactured pistol at her.

 Mr Akron had earlier robbed her of an amount of GH¢550, her TV set and mobile phone.

According to her statement to the police, the rapist, with blood oozing from the wound after the incident, ran away leaving the TV set and her mobile phone behind.

She was rushed to Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGA) Hospital for treatment, and coincidentally, Mr Akron, who was bleeding later turned up there and told the nurses, he was rather attacked by armed robbers who bit off his penis, a story which didn’t add up for the medical staff of the hospital.

Unfortunately for him, Justina Donkor recognised him leading to his arrest.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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