Travelling for greener pastures does not guarantee success – Rev Dr. Baisie

Travelling for greener pastures does not guarantee success – Rev Dr. Baisie

• Rev Dr Baisie preaching the sermon

It is usually a common phenom­enon to hear about many youth contemplating travelling outside a country when they feel times are hard at their present location.

The motivation is the search for economic opportunities which would better their lives and those of their loved ones back home.

While some use legal means, others resort to dangerous means of embarking on the journey leading to their death, near death, rape, depression and other harrowing experiences.

• Some youth trying to scale an electric fence

To curtail such occurences, the Head Pastor of the Fountain of Glory Assemblies of God Church at East Airport, Reverend Dr. Joseph Kadmos Kwasi Baisie has advised the youth to think critically and seek the face of God before de­ciding to either travel outside the country or not.

He observed that over the years, while some had their financial breakthroughs after leaving the shores of the country, others be­came worse off.

Delivering his sermon at a church service on Sunday, the Head Pastor said some youth felt troubled with economic hardships and were of the perception that they could only make it if they travelled outside the country.

He said for some of such people they would use any means neces­sary, whether fair or foul, but that could not be entirely true because everyone had a different destiny and some may have their prosper­ity tied with staying back home to build.

He said it was unfortunate that there were people who were doing fairly well but decided to travel out of the country and when they returned, their contemporaries back home had gone far ahead of them making the journey a waste of time and resources.

Rev Dr. Baisie said God’s guidance was important for any journey to ensure the security or success of the traveller.

He urged the youth to explore the alternative of trusting in God and staying back to work hard and God would come through for them.

The Head Pastor said the fact that goods brought back home by travellers were purchased by those in the country was even an indi­cation that those in the country could equally do well.

He encouraged the youth to work hard and God would bless the work of their hands to build their families for the benefit of even the subsequent generations.

 From DzifaTettehTay, Tema.

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