Two pastors “clash” at Tongo shrine for magical powers

Two pastors “clash” at Tongo shrine for magical powers

Two pastors are said to have clashed at one of the Tongo shrines in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region last Saturday.

This involved a Senior Pastor of one of the popular churches in
Accra and his junior pastor (name withheld) who have been playing hide and seek with each one regarding their visit to the shrine for magical powers referred to as ‘juju’ in the local parlance, ostensibly for the growth of their church (name withheld)

A dependable source from the village where the shrine is located told The Spectator that these two men of God have been visiting the shrine for the past 10 years but the senior pastor has of late, been coming to the shrine alone to perform some sacrifices without the knowledge of his junior colleague.

The source said that the senior pastor visited the area about a month ago, and promised to come back before Christmas for some engagement at the shrine.

According to the source, the senior pastor did not tell his junior pastor where he was travelling to; so the junior pastor also decided to visit the shrine without his boss’ knowledge as Christmas is drawing near, to do his own thing only for them to meet face-to-face last Saturday afternoon when the senior pastor had finished doing what he had come to do at the shrine and was feverishly preparing to come back to Accra, to continue with his religious duties.

The source intimated that the junior pastor was flabbergasted upon seeing the senior pastor; he stood speechless for some minutes before entering a nearby house where they lodged anytime the two came together for the renewal of their “magical vows”.

“They did not talk to each other,” the source said and indicated that the two went their separate ways without confronting each other.

By Castro Zangina-Tong

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